Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Jake and Elwood

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Who framed Roscoe & Bosco?

"...Say feta cheese!"

Monday, February 20, 2006

Cinema che passione

La Pasqua si avvicina, tra la fragranza delle colombe mandorlate e la dolcezza delle misteriose uova al cioccolato. Dice: "Ma come... è appena carnevale...". Chi si ferma è perduto! Come diceva quello.
Date fuoco alle palme e leggetevi questa "recinzione" di Johnny Palomba .

Titolo: apassionedecristio
Occhiello: popo nummepiace stoporo cristo alla brace.

«che infatti apassionedecristio se chiama così perché erreggista ciaveva nagrande passione che infatti allora affatto stofirm eallora appreso umpiacione e iaddeto mò annamio ampaesetto sperduto daabasillicata e tegonfiamo debbotte che infatti allora cestaggesù che lo gonfiano ie meneno ie dicheno unzacco de parolacce chepperò nunsecapisce gnente perché infatti parlano in basillicatese allora infatti lo piiano accarci accazzotti corbastone caafrusta caafrusta modificata ie fanno etorture teribbili tipo oschiaffo dersordato allora poi che infatti cestava pure una tutta strana che mesà che era tipo nafotografa che infatti ciaveva imbraccio lomino daacodac allora poi stoporo cristo che pareva nabracioletta ie mettono nacroce e loripiiano accarci ie fanno sputa dieci litri desangue allora poi cuanno che sta incroce tutto bucherellato allora geùccristio dice elì eli' lama sabachtani? che in basillicatese vordì mio dio mio dio ma se pò fa unfirm così? ma che daverodavero? ma stamio arcinema o darmacellaro? vabbé che è pascua ma la griiata mista vattela affà arpaese tuo. poi lui mesà che tipo risorge ner mentre che erreggista tramonta».

Morale: «anamico mio lanno preso accarci e ianno menato ammorte ma dopo treggiorni ianno rimenato».

Luogo del misfatto: novapiledumileccuatto, Warner Moderno sala 4 16.15 con sottotitoli in inglese.

Ipse dixit.

Il Palomba
Recinzioni e altri scritti
Critiche perimetrali dei migliori film della stagione 2001/2002
(pp. 114 c. euro 6,00)
Fandango Libri

Critiche perimetrali dei migliori film della stagione
(pp. 120ca, euro 7,00)
Fandango Libri

Roscoe & Bosco back in action


Friday, February 17, 2006

Roscoe & Bosco

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sea Monkeys

Only $9.99!

Sea-Monkeys® are a true miracle of nature. They exist in suspended animation inside their tiny eggs for many years. The instant-life crystals, in which the eggs are enclosed, preserve their viability and help to extend still further their un-hatched life span! Sea-Monkeys are real Time-Travelers asleep in biological time capsules for their strange journey into the future!Scientists call this amazing rare process "cryptobiosis" which means, "hidden life". Among the types of life on Earth that are cryptobiotic in early stages of development are the seeds of higher plants (wheat grains from the tombs of the ancient Egyptian Kings have sprouted after being sealed in urns for more than 2,000 years), the larvae of certain insects, and the thick-shelled eggs of some crustaceans such as Daphnia, seed Shrimps (Ostracods) and Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina). Sea-Monkeys too belong in this category, since they are a variety of Artemia. A relative of Lobsters, Crabs, Fairy Shrimp and other crustaceans, instead of originating in the ocean, Artemia are found in salt lakes and salt evaporation flats. The waters of these areas are often so salty that Artemia may be the only non-microscopic animal inhabiting them. Are they Brine Shrimp?Because fish eat and thrive on brine shrimp, for years they were collected as eggs or alive, to be sold as an aquarium "food." Although all along, brine shrimp had the very qualities that would, at a later date, make them one of the most desirable pets ever sold, it simply never "dawned" on anyone to consider them as anything other "fish food". Now, thanks to Sea-Monkeys, this attitude has changed.Although Sea-Monkeys are a species of brine shrimp, they are unique. We not only unlocked the most elusive secrets of their life cycle, we created new formulas to keep them alive under conditions found in the average home—an accomplishment never before achieved! Finally, after years of crossbreeding, we developed a hybrid. These amazing new hybrids grow larger and live longer than any "natural" variety of brine shrimp.How long do Sea-Monkeys live?Thanks to new computer-driven processing technologies and ultra-pure, non-toxic chemicals, twice as many Sea-Monkeys instantly hatch, grow larger and live longer than ever before.An exact, pre-blended formula of "magic crystals"—and live Sea-Monkey eggs are inside the envelopes supplied in every Sea-Monkey kit. When added to water, live Sea-Monkeys will hatch. That’s why anyone can get perfect results without any knowledge of chemistry or biology. Just by following the easy instructions you create Instant Life®. The only "extra" is the water. At birth, the Sea-Monkeys are very tiny, no larger than the "period " at the end of this sentence. That is why it’s possible to "overlook" them when they are first born. Since their fate is in yours hands, do not discard the formula if you don’t see them right away. To do so would be like "throwing the baby out with the bath water." Are Sea-Monkeys safe?Sea-Monkeys are in no way harmful to humans or the environment. If they somehow find their way into natural water ways or sewer lines, they simply will not be able to survive outside of the formula.

Monday, February 13, 2006

When Harry: portrait of a serial killer, met Sally Potter

Ciao Willy,
here it is, my personal version of Harry Potter.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cosmic hamsters

Creatures from outer space